design and documentation


an architectural representative from ehabitat works with you to design your unique habitat
- Initial free discussion to determine scope of works, budget and preparation of design fee proposal.
- ehabitat visits your site, conducts an analysis and collects property and climate information.
- ehabitat develops design options with you to suit your needs and environment.
- ehabitat develops the design and material selection with you.
- Alternative energy system integration (power, hot water systems if desired).
- ehabitat provides you with design drawings for your final approval.


ehabitat prepares detailed specifications and drawings for planning/building applications.
- Soil tests and surveying are organized for your site if required. Our structural engineer designs the footings for your habitat and provides you with a structural certificate.
- ehabitat completes detailed drawings and specifications for submission to council.

manufacture and quote


ehabitat arranges, makes, and delivers your eframe.
- ehabitat introduces you to our registered builder and arranges a final quote for your approval or ehabitat arranges a final quote for the supply of the eframe only.
- ehabitat manufactures and delivers the eframe to your site.



your ehabitat is constructed on site by our registered builder, your own builder, or yourself.
- ehabitat can have various levels of involvement depending on your choice of construction method (see build).