what is passive solar design?

- Passive solar design makes use of the sun's energy and local breezes to make a building warm in winter and cool in summer. Depending on your local climate, ehabitat has the correct thermal mass, insulation, shading and ventilation solutions to suit you.

just orientate correctly

- Passive solar design was a primary design driver in the conceptual development of ehabitat. Our Architectural Director has a university degree in Environmental Design as well as in Architecture, and has ensured that passive solar design principles are inherent in the system. 
- This means all you have to do is orientate your habitat to face the right direction - the rest has been done for you!


- Passive solar design provides comfortable homes that are responsive to local climates and changing seasons.
- It helps you save money on energy bills.
- It reduces dependence on non-renewable energy sources which are a major contributor to environmental degradation.

alternative energy systems

- The ehabitat system has been designed so that many alternative energy systems (photo voltaic, wind, solar hot water, etc), are easily incorporated into individual designs.