there are three ways to have your ehabitat built

1. ehabitat registered builder

- This is the preferred way to build. ehabitat takes you through the entire process and can guarantee the quality and price of construction. At present we have registered builders in Tasmania and Victoria and are in the process of setting up a network of builders across S.E. Australia. Our builders can build eframe only, get you to lock up, or completely fit out your ehabitat for you. It’s your choice.

2. your own builder

- ehabitat delivers your eframe to your site with a full set of construction drawings and specifications.
- If required, ehabitat can supply construction support to your builder.
- If your builder uses one of our trained labourers in the building of your ehabitat and we are happy with his performance he may wish to become an ehabitat registered builder.

3. owner builder

- If you are pretty handy yourself and wish to build your own habitat, ehabitat can once again arrange to deliver your ehabitat with a full set of construction drawings and specifications.
- If you want to prepare the footings and subfloor to the engineer's specifications, ehabitat can also arrange a registered builder to come and get your eframe up in record time (3 - 10 days), and let you take over from there with the ‘off the shelf’ stuff.

Below shows the speed at which the ehabitat frame can be assembled.